Bearing packing machine

Big Bearing Wrapping Machine ZC-2200

So for the small bearing, it can be packed in a plastic bag easily, but for the bigger bearing, it is slip and heavy, how can we pack it? Don’t worry about that. Shanghai Jinglin Packaging Machinery Co.,Ltd is an outstanding and professional manufacturer of bearing wrapping machine for small and big bearing.
After the bearing rinse and rust prevention, the big bearing can be packed with stretch film, HDPE film for inner layer, stretch film, brown paper, plain crepe paper, compound paper and other materials for outside layer package. After packing, the bearing can be protected very well.

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Automatic Bearing Packaging Machinery ZC-300

Automatic bearing packaging machinery is an automatic packing line. The bearing conveyed or moved to the wrapping station for wrapping. As the bearing is heavy and easy slide, so we will make a special design for this bearing packaging machinery.

Automatic bearing packaging machinery could be widely used in outside horizontal packing of bearing which are heavier or inconvenient for vertical packing.