cabinet bubble film packing machine


Would you mind providing more your prodcuts package photos, so that we can better understanding your require ment.
The horizontal wrapping machine in the youtube video was designed for aluminum profile binding, wrapping and stacking.

  • Capable of using plastic film, foam and bubble wraps—-Capable
  • Accumulation infeed and outfeed table.—–Yes
  • Capable of combining more than one piece per wrapping, so if needed for flashing we can bundle multiple pieces together before wrapping—-Yes
  • Single same width rolls of film for all size of corner post, making film size roll change unnecessary.—–Yes

The wrapping stations is pop up&down for binding the bundle in one or more piece for wrapping.

Following is the proposal with binding stations for reference:

Base on your package, we think following may be a better solution.
Infeeding table/station+infeeding conveyor+film covering machine+wrapping machine+out feeding conveyor+out feeding &storage station

Regards   (timber feeder can be an option)

Any question feel free let us know.

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