Automatic steel coil wrapping machine with tapping

coil packing machine line
coil packing machine line
Steel coil wrapping and tape packing machine --SHJLPACK

The video of the steel coil packaging soution that was designed for connecting to the conveyor for online steel coil packaging.

It is a special solution includes the coil wrapping machine, automatic tapping machine for packing material feeding and cutting.

The coil wrapping by paper eye throught with packing material length counting.

Automatic tape applicator for tape infeeding and cutting.

The coill packing solution to help saving the labor cost and improving the packing efficiency.

Steel coil wrapping speed: 30-40 sec per coil.

Special points:

Equipped with an automatic tape applicator, the machine streamlines the process of tape feeding and cutting, further enhancing the packaging workflow. This advanced solution is engineered to significantly reduce labor costs while elevating packing efficiency.

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