Blocker Roller station for sea packing

steel coil packing
steel coil packing

The blocker roller station is designed for safely and efficiently packing steel coils for transport by sea. It helps secure steel coils to prevent damage during lengthy sea voyages.

This station consists of a heavy duty steel frame with motorized rollers that move along tracks. Operators can position the rollers at different spacings to accommodate coils of varying diameters. Powerful clamping jaws on each roller grip the coils to keep them immobilized during the packing process.

Once the coils are loaded onto the rollers at the desired spacing, the operators engage the roller motors to begin winding steel straps around the coils and rollers. Tension on the straps is carefully controlled to keep the coils secure without crushing them. Multiple straps are wrapped around each coil for maximum stability.

special straps and padded boards are also used to cushion the coils and prevent rubbing. Steel coil ends can be protected using padded covers that are secured around the coil ends and rollers.

To ensure the coils will remain stationary during sea travel, additional straps are wound around groups of adjacent rollers and coils. These straps provide an extra layer of security and help create a tight bundle of coils.

Once all the coils have been thoroughly wrapped and secured, the bundle is ready for lifting and loading onto a cargo ship. Strong lifting straps are attached to the steel frame at multiple points so shore cranes can lift and place the coil bundle into the cargo hold.

Proper packing using this blocker roller station helps guarantee coils will arrive at their destination without damage. Secure yet cushioned bundles prevent shifting, scraping and corrosion during the voyage. Steel coils can then be promptly unloaded and sent to client steel mills ready for processing into finished metal products. The blocker roller station streamlines and safeguards the sea transport of heavy steel coils. With its durable yet easy to use design, this equipment enables efficient and impact-free coil handling at ports and onboard ships.

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