automatic steel tube packing line for hexagon and square bundling


Automatic steel tube bundling machine by magnet stocker

Automatic steel tube packing line

Bundle wrapping machie

The machine is able wrapping the pipe bundle, tube bundle, profile bundle with/without timber.

Solution per some customer:

Regarding the new require the packing solution for pipes length 3m(min)-9m(max)on our packing line, after reconfirmed with our technical team, for new require min 3m length pipe, we suggest electromagnetic chuck type tube row stacking layers bundling system instead of the mechanical arm-forks type for layers bundling system on order 1. 

On order 1, It’s mechanical arm-forks type row stacking layers bundling system, it is suitable for min 4m length pipes, can’t for min 3m length pipes. 

For new require 3m(min)-9m(max) length pipe, the following electromagnetic chuck type for layers bundling system our team provided to you.

Please check the new Quotation of the steel packing packing line with electromagnetic chuck type for layers bundling system in the attachment. 

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