Automatic steel coil packing line(horizontal)



In this packing line, the automatic coil picking system picks up the steel coils from the turnstile pendant one by one. Then the coils are delivered to the packing position after 90 degree upending. After the packing finished, the steel coils are conveyed downstream to the stacking position and be stacked on the wooden shelf one by one.


Composition of the Coil packing Line:

 Automatic coil picking system-Coil turnstile & Coil upender:

Coil upender is directly connected with turnstile to reduce labor and time cost. It separates the steel/copper coils on the turnstile one by one, and turns them by 90 degrees, and delivers them downstream.

It can separate coils with different width precisely. In the operation, the steel/copper coil remains relatively stationary which avoids damages to the coil.

The automatic coil picking mechanism can both be used independently and be jointed with packing machine. It is driven in a hydraulic-mechanical combined mode and controlled by PLC through Human-Machine-interface operation.


automatic Steel coil wrapping and stacking line

Steel coil wrapping and stacking line

 Automatic Coil strapping machine:  

Steel/copper coil can be strapped by PP or PET straps before packing. Machine can strap 3 or 4 places of the coil. After strapping, conveyor will transport the coil into next packing station. 

Automatic Coil centering system:

Before entering packing station, this system will locate the coil in a precise station. It aims to ensure the efficiency of the whole packing line and also the good packing effect of the coil. 

 Automatic Coil Wrapping Machine:

It’s one kind of automatic coil packing. It can wrap coils one by one automatically.

It is operated with PLC controller and HMI touch screen. The frequency converter control enables the overlapping adjustment.

The height of ring can be adjusted according to different coil size.

The packing tape tension is also adjustable.

After the operator inputs the inner,outer diameter, width and correction value
through the touch screen, the PLC can
automatically calculate the length of the packing tape needed.

coil wrapping machine_

 Automatic Coil Stacking Mechanism:

It’s a coil handling system which can stack the wrapped coils on wooden shelf.

It is suitable for stacking the products with different sizes. The reciprocating structure features security and rapidity.

The hydraulic-mechanical combined with a transmission system makes the operation quick and smooth. A lifting platform can be attached on its tail.

Slitting coil packing line

Slitting coil packing line