Automatic steel coil packing line(vertical)

Basic Composition:

This packing system is mainly composed of a cross arm, coil picking system, coil loading trolley, coil wrapping machines, upending and stacking system, etc.

It can be connected with the steel production line and achieves coil separation, packaging, stacking,upending and other operations for coils with width 30mm~400mm or as customized size .

1.Cross arm


2.Automatic coil picking system


3.Automatic coil wrapping machine


4.Automatic stacking system


Principle features:

The packaging line adopts SHJLPACK  new design concept. In the process of coil picking to unloading, stacking, secondary storage and other movements, the coil is always in a relatively stationary state, fundamentally solved the problems of strikes and all kinds of deficiencies caused by coil movements in the traditional model.

The packaging line adopts double-track operation instead of single track and geatly improve work efficiency.

The operation of the total system is fully automatic controlled by PLC and HMI,only one person is needed for the whole operation. High packing efficiency while with low labor cost.

The entire work area has security fence, it will alarms and machine will stop automatically when people enters in.