Automatic aluminum profile packing line

Automatic aluminum profile packing line 

Automatic aluminum profile packing line contains sub-bundle strapping machine, staking machine, master orbital stretch wrapping machine, conveyors,  control system, etc. This automatic packing line can be custom built, designed and engineered by shjlpack’ engineering team.

Detailed machine features: 

1. Sub-bundle strapping machine
sub-bundle strapping machine

Machine is designed with a compact steel frame. Profiles are drawn through the machine by a series of rollers which open and close automatically, allowing bundles with different dimensions to pass through automatically without stopping the machine. The tension of packing material (stretch film) will maintain the tension constant until the roll is finished. The material rolls are easily and quickly replaced in less than one minute. The blade will cut the wrapping material automatically at the end of the each wrapping cycle. The speed is variable controlled by inverters. The strapping time can be set according to your needs 2-4 straps per bundle.


Speed regulation: By inverter

Ring speed: 20-110r/min

Maximum bundle sizes: W200mm×H200 mm×L6500mm

Minimum bundle sizes: W50mm×H50mm×L1500mm

Weight: 10-200kg

Wrapping material used: Stretch film

Outer diameter: Maximum 100-180mm

Inner core diameter: 50mm

Width: 60-100 mm

 2. Outfeed roller conveyor with automatic bundle stacker

automatic stacker 

This machine is fitted with a pinch-roller device which is accelerated by an inverter. It carries out the detachment of the finished bundle and then stops in the right position, aligned for the formation of the bundle layers. Idle roller length 8000mm with pneumatic guides. Automatic device with lifters is for the formation of the bundles. A special pneumatically operated device automatically interlaces a nylon cord between each layer of profile bundles while it is in production to prevent these from sliding over when moved .This machine is continuously fed by the bundles coming from the wrapping machine; it superimposes them layer on the layer producing in this way a bundle of the size chosen by the operated on the main control panel.

Characteristics (for standard machine):

Wrapped bundles from 3000 mm up to 6500mm in length

Maximum speed: 40 m/minute

Finished bundle size: Max. Width 350mm×Height350mm (others on request)

Bundle –maximum weight: 2000 kg

3. Master orbital stretch wrapper 

Master orbital stretch wrapper
Sturdy machine ensures the rapid and uniform bundle wrapping. The master packs of profiles are fed into the machine by the intermediate chain conveyor .The bundles is wrapped by means of a single roll of polythene mounted onto a mandrel which rotates on a rotor and guide by special clutches to control the wrapping tension .The rolls of wrapping material can be replaced quickly and easily. The machine is fitted with an electric device which controls if the material has run out or has torn and automatically stops the machine; the wrapping cycle is completely automatic. A specially designed clamp is used to hold the first part of the stretch film for a consecutive wrapping cycle meaning that the re-starting of the machine for each new bundle to be wrapped is completely automatic. The machine can be programmed to wrap the whole bundle or partially (for example: front, middle and end) as required.


Speed in continuous mode (standard): 1-9m/min

Bundle Width: 100-400mm

Bundle Height: 100-400mm

Bundle Length: 1500-6500mm

Bundle weight: 2000kg

Dimensions of the suggested roll or wrapping material (standard):

LLDPE Stretch film:

Max outer dia.: 250mm

Inner dia.: 50mm

Width: 250mm

4. Automatic line electrical control box 

automatic electrical controlbox

*Adopt one separate control box for the whole auto line

*The control box is manufactured according to IEC204 standard

*PLC control system

It is production appearance, reasonable layout and easy to use. Control operation paltform, and design and type selection of industrial control computer, instrument, air switch, circuit breaker, contactor, intermediate relay and thermal relay, etc are by us.


Weighing system

Hydraulic lifter

Profiles centering device

Adhesive film machine

Taping machine

Bundle strapping with wood block device

Outfeed conveyor for bundle accumulation

Security fence

Electrical interlock


Conform to CE & ISO guidelines with the latest technology and design criteria for industry use.


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