steel tube bundling solutions

steel tube bundle packing line
As you know there are mechanical and Magnet bundling solution for steel tube. For round tube, base on our experience, when the steel tube OD>40mm, the mechanical bundling machine capable well bundling the tube. If OD<40mm, it is not easy to bundle making layer by layer per mechnical...
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pvc pipe coil packaging machine and stretch wrapper

hose coil packing machine
  This pipe coil packing machine, hose coil packing machine with stretch file for plastic pipe packaging. The eye through coil wrapper is able stretch the film and cover the packing material on coil service helps your find the proper packing solution for your coil packaging goal...
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Dough sheeter machine from China

  DOUGH SHEETER is designed to provide a substitute for the timeless automatic dough sheeter without having to complete towards the complicated automation products of automated machines. This makes the operator’s task a lot more practical when setting the thickness of the pastry without having to use the...
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steel coil packing line video

coil downender Automatic online handling and packaging system from shjlpack for steel industry. 1. Automatic coil tilter 2. turnstile 3. downender 4. strapping machine 5. wrapping machine/packing mcahine 6. stacking machine    
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Automatic steel coil packing line manufacturer

Most of problems, we had with Eye-to-Sky packing divided for each dimensions and that’s why we are interested in Your equipment. For example, from 1 mother coil, we cut 3x45mm and 4×200 mm. Customer requirements is to pack 6x45mm on one pallet and 2x200mm on another pallets. In...
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Please provide the total time [seconds] to complete its cycle, for max coil size, for each of the following: 请提供最大卷在以下工位头到尾完成动作所需的时间。 ID Stretch Wrapper WITH OD Edge Protective Cardboard application 从产品放到工位后,自动护角+自动缠绕 ID Bander, time to apply FIRST band, then added time to rotate and apply each additional band, then...
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                                            联系: QQ: 274678544     手机: 15021705930   以下为客户拜访信息: 6 x Lm 用客户自己的小车。  捆扎机用我们的 2018-12-19     Visiting Saddle 车间宽度:8m 单卷 单臂需要5分钟清空。...
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