The Development tendency of packaging machinery-2013-07-13


The progress of science and technology promotes the development of packaging machinery. With the universal usage of it, the packing machine widely used in all kinds of industries and effective enhance the production speed. After decades of development, the packaging machinery is outstanding in packing industry. coil wrapping machine, coil wrapper, orbital wrapper machine, coil packing line and etc. increased rapidly. Introduction of innovative concept and high technology, they are greatly influence the growth of packaging machinery.

Good creativity leads the packaging machinery toward a better progress direction, flexibility of device making people feel that packaging machinery is so helpful.

Nowadays, mechatronics is a main trend of packing industry. Packaging machinery will be match up with industrial automation degree, and propel totality level development in the future. In this tendency, our country should concentrate on training talented person.To strengthen innovation institution, introduce talented person, research and develop proprietary intellectual property rights to enter into R&D commercialization period.

Main Products
    1. steel coil wrapping machine
    2. GS200 Steel Coil Wrapping Machine Wire coil wrapping machine for wire coil package with highly effective packing speed to save money and improve package surface.
    1. pipe wrapping machine
    2. Pipe Wrapping Machine This pipe horizontal stretch wrapper with strapping equipment to connects to producing system for pipe bundling and wrapping.
    1. pallet wrapping machine
    2. Pallet Wrapping Machine Our Pre-stretch wrapping with press down device for LLDPE film packing for pallet. The wrapper can be automatically
    1. Automataic pallet wrapping machine
    2. Automatic Pallet Wrapping MachineThis automatic pallet wrapping machine is an on line packing system for pallet. Turn table and auto control.
    1. tilter
    2. 180° Turn Over Machine
    3. The inverter for changing the product position with 180 degree. it  adopts special double chain drive, oblique gear and worm speed reducer.