In the past 5 years, Shjlpack developed some packaging lines for automatic handling and packaging. Caused by marketing and requirement, few of our packaging line known by market.

At 2015, Shjlpack starts lunching the new technology focus on coil packaging line and long shape objects packaging line. And the clients benefit a lot by our new solutions:

For coils packing solution:

a. Master coil stretch wrapping machine

It helps handling the heavy jumbo coils automatic. The packing material can be choosing. And it able handling the sheet covering for outside protecting.

b. Automatic coil packaging line

The problem for coil handling and packaging was resolved step by step, now shjlpack is able providing full automatic solution to connect our packing line to your coil silting line, coil car, turnstile, down ender, strapping, wrapping, weighing, printing, stacking…

For Long shape objects packaging

There are some new equipments help to save your labor cost and improving the package. Shjlpack providing the bundling and bagging solution for PVC/PPR/HDPE pipes.

a. for Plastic pipe and tube

There is solution for automatic counting, bundle making, strapping and bagging.

b. Automatic pipe bagging

There are different bagging machine for different bag material. PE/HDPE/ even woven bag. The solution from sealing to stitching…