Pre-strand wire coil packing machine

Technical request

for the wrapping machine for coils after the stabilization line:

packing machine for packing coils with different winding dimensions along the inner diameter:

  Winding type: coil 1200Dimensions, mm, d * D * h: 1000x1400x200Weight, kg: 200 – 700Diameter range, mm: 3.0 – 8.0
Winding type: Coil 2000Dimensions, mm, d * D * h: 2000x2200x500Weight, kg: 300 – 1500Diameter range, mm: 4.0 – 8.0

       Technical fixtures and requirements for the packaging machine:  

Picture _ 1.

1. Packing table for packing products in the specified assortment.

2. Provide the possibility of double-layer packaging. With a uniform tension of the packaging material from the beginning of the packaging to its completion with an overlap of 50% (+/- 20%).

The wrapping machine for stabilization line is an wire coil wrapping equipment with trolley which move in and out for steel wire coil packing.

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