Pallet Changer for exchamging pallet automatically

online pallet inverter

There are follow version pallet changer for handling the pallet. It works for different handling purpose and handling tool at different industry’s warehouse.

Mobile pallet changer:

Mobile pallet inverter

Mobile pallet changers are the most commonly used flip and replace systems because they do not require a restricted area to operate the job.It is a movable pallet truck.It can be used anywhere as a normal mobile device.Moving the tray can be on the product (raw material) and without turning or tilting (finished product).

How is pallet changer operated?

Pallet replacement can start with the shipment of goods (product + pallet), and the button panel with commands is used to control the product to flip at 180 degrees.The operator then manually picks up the old pallet and replaces it with a new one.At the end of this operation, the inverter is turned to the initial starting position.Tray replacement operation can also be performed at 90 degrees if the product is stable (e.g. box) shape.

Stationary pallet inverter:

Pallet Changer Heavy load

Stationary pallet inverter, the range of using includes a wide variety of products and tray turnover system.Applied in multiple industrial fields such as pharmaceuticals, food, cosmetics and various other products such as bags, boxes, vials, bottles, large bags and cans and so on common everyday products.

Some product customers require fixed equipment in the turnover area, and require the number and efficiency of replacement, such as trays per hour.Fixed tray changer can tilt up to 180 degrees, rotate or tilt on (raw materials) and so on.

Stationary pallet changer INVERTER brief description: 

The maximum weight of the inverter can be loading 1.500 kg, the height of 2.000 mm, the pallet can be manually adjusted frequency converter operation, can also be automatically adjusted by PLC, only a simple button operation.

It is a multifunctional common equipment, suitable for a variety of industrial industries, such as pharmaceutical, food and beverage, cosmetics, ceramic sector and other industrial fields.In addition, the inverter can be configured with other systems (automatic pallet replacement logistics system), can be connected to roller conveyor and automatic online pallet machine.

Safety guarantee: All machines be equipped with safety protection to avoid injury during operation, and comply with the relevant specifications of GMP to achieve high quality standards. The fixed pallet inverter system provides a safe perimeter that does not allow the operator to enter the hazardous area in front of the machine. For example, the perimeter is equipped with protective nets and secure photoelectric sensing systems to restrict movement areas.

What product range can it be applied?

It is a pallet inverter capable of moving and replacing suitable for many types of products. For example, common items: boxes, vials, containers, bowls, bottles, packaging, big bags, big boxes, buckets, paper buckets, buckets, cans, scrolls, big cartons, paper rolls, plywood and so on related products…

In-line pallet inverter:

In-line pallet inverter system supports production, storage and cleaning of products with respect to current hygiene regulations. Traditional wooden pallets are strong, economical and easy to transport, but are not suitable for use in the production field due to their shape (easy to transport bacteria). This is especially unacceptable in the sterile production area of pharmaceutical and food companies.

In addition, pallet warehouse storage needs very good conditions, need high quality pallet, therefore, increase the high cost. Many companies still use the same cargo pallets, high object pallets, to transport their products, resulting in material and economic losses.

Therefore, our automatic on-line pallet inverter machine is currently the highest performance in the production and transportation process of a replacement machine.