Hydraulic Coil Tilter FZ-H03

Hydraulic coil tilter FZ-H01

Hydraulic Coil Tilter FZ-H03


SHJLPACK company provides an array of Coil Tilters that are much pride of its excellent sturdy and effective application. Designed and made by using quality examined material updated technology, these tilters are precisely finished and powerful in construction. Except for this, our aim is to make the availability of those tilters in durable packaging at high efficiency.

hydraulic coil tiltersFeatures:
* Auto or semi-auto working mode is available.
* Connect with conveying line, powered rollers, unpowered rollers are optional;
* Machine load weight and size are according to detail requirement;
* Hydraulic or electrical driving force for choose.
*Special independent groove design, effectively reinforce the turnover object;
* 90 degree or 180 degree turnover direction is optional;
* Adopt special double chain drive, oblique gear & worm speed device;
* Four-roller device equips with polyamide;
* Inverter controls system, to make sure usage effective, fast, durable and safe;
* Use an adjustable mechanical pressure device;
* Separate control panel allows remote operation.
* Multiple position and protective guardrail ensure secure operation.
* Our turn over machine adopts special double chain drive, oblique gear and worm speed reducer.
* Four –roller device wrapped with polyamide adhesive.
* Inverter control are adopted, fast, stable and safe.
*Adjustable mechanical pressure device is adopted.

The coil tilter also can be customized for different customers. So if you need the coil tilter to tilting steel coil, mould, sheet, we will make different design for the tilting surface to meet tilting requirement. No matter what you want, there is one hydraulic coil tilter
can be made to satisfy your demand.