Coil Upenders or Tippers

Coil Upenders or Tippers

Coil Upenders or Coil Tippers allow the user to load palletized metal coils (eye-to-the-sky) onto the load deck, then invert them to the eye-horizontal orientation for feed line loading, to provide safe and efficient delivery of coils throughout the manufacturing facility.

Application: steel coils position change from horizontal to vertical and inversely, with weight from 1.5 to 30 tons.

These tilters can also be used for different types of cargoes which makes them all-purpose. Usage of these tilters allows increasing considerably handling works safety and efficiency as well as improving their quality. The tilter design provides for electric drive working with supply voltage from 220 to 460 V.

Tilter FZ-10 specifications:

Maximal lifting capacity: 10 tons

Power consumed: 3.0 KW

Tilting speed: 50-90 seconds one way

Tilting angle: 90º

Coils: max dimensions 1400×1400 mm (customized also available)

Electric power: 380V/50Hz, 3 phase 5 wires (adjustable)

Technical description:

1. Special double-chain drive is used.

2. Electric control panel, movable operation is available.

3. Four-roll device, rolls are covered with polymeric coating.

4. Frequency converter is used to adjust tilting speed convenient.

5. Electric and mechanical brake equipment for double protection.

6. Coil upender can be stopped at any tilting angle.

7. Emergency stop, interlock for prevention of turn.

8. V-shaped platform, flat platform and roller conveyor platform can be choose.

9. Pallet centering device for accurate pallet loading.

Scope of supply:


2. Electrical cabinet

3. English & Chinese control panel

4. Tools & Tool box

Holding device for coils can be matched: Electric and hydraulic tongs for horizontal coil transportation; Automatic mechanical tongs for coils on vertical axis; Coil Tongs on vertical axis on pallets; С-hook and etc.

Mechanical coil tong

Mechanical coil tong

Vertical coil-tong

Vertical coil-tong