Automatic wire coil compacting and packing line


The solution of the wire coil compacting and packing line

Following is the WIRE COIL PACKING LINE solution designed per one of steel wire manufacturer in Thailand.

There are various kinds wire coil packing line to join the drawing line with coil compactor, wire strapping machine,downender, coil car, and storage area. We offer steel wire coil packing system too for attaining the highest effectiveness. No matter wire coil date information printing, scanning or strapping, file and paper packing, our system is able to lessen the big amount of labor price by adaptable system for handling safety. And we offer the customzied solution to assist you quick return on investment.

The packing procession for the wire coil compacting and packing:
1.  Loading the wire coil with rack on the conveyor.

2. Move to the compacting and strapping machine (two strapping machines).

3. Automatic compressing and strapping

4. Move the strapping wire with rack to the downender

5. Take off the wire coil from rack and place it on the wrapping station.

6. Automatic wrapping

7. At the some time of the  wrapping, the rack back to pushing device and push out to the recycle convyor.

8. Packed wire coil move to the storage area by coil car.  (The storage number can be designed per requirement)

9. Unloading the coil by crane / forklifter.

Solution Feactues:

1. Operator : one man

2. Strapping machine: x 2set

3. Packing speed: app.3 -4minute per coil.

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