Automatic steel tube bundle strapping system

Automatic steel tube bundle strapping system

To make sure the stability of packaging; looking for new solutions that allow goods to transport safely; offer each company the strapping system appropriate to its needs. Based on these principles, since 1998 Shanghai Jinglin Packaging Machinery Co.,Ltd had been manufacturing strapping systems, and we never stopped enhancing. Our strapping has two outstanding characters: strength and stability. Strength in numbers: soundness of continuous investments in advanced technologies, customers’ reliability and support along with a world record. The stability of our Organization: a company available to market movements. An built-in structure that blends into one goal the various business industries: professional, quality, service, research and development.

Its strapping quality is definitely an ongoing process, to get the highest levels of competitiveness. For this the company strapping system got the standard quality certificate 9001:2008. One more evidences of the continuous search to achieve the best. The strapping system is: incredible strength, long life and continuous work.

Technical data of tube bundle: 


Bundle OD: 400-800mm

Bundle weight: 500-5000kg

Straps: 2-4 straps/bundle

Specification of strapping machine: 

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