Automatic pallet packing line(Customized)

Automatic pallet packing line(Customized) 

Automatic pallet packing line is used for automatically pallet packing, such as boxes, cases, cartons, bags, etc. This packing line includes conveyors, automatic palletizer, automatic pallet dispenser, automatic pallet strapping machine, automatic pallet wrapper, automatic top sheet dispenser, security fencing, automatic line electrical control box, etc. The whole line is fully automatic without manual interference except for changing consumable items, i.e. packing material.

1. Conveyor system

Conveyor structure

Suitable thickness + coating folding metal plate

Motorized conveyor

Gear motor is on the other operation side

Conveyor speed: 0-15m/min

Physical parameter: L1400×W1400×H550mm

General automation

Conveyors have a detection system for checking the goods and pallet (i.e send-receive reflector). If the next position is empty, the goods or pallet will be transferred immediately.

Power Voltage: AC380V, 3Phase, 50HZ

Power output: App. 0.40kw

2. Automatic palletizer

Palletizing efficiency: 30BPM

Locating object: Locator

Electrical configuration:

Power Voltage: AC380V, 3Phase, 50HZ

Basic features:

*Conveyor system

Object conveying device: According to the presetting arrangement mode, it will pneumatically control and accelerate product rotation, convey the object, and then organize and align those products into the palletizing layer.

Aligning device: Infeed conveyor will convey the row of aligned boxes that is pushed by air cylinder into lifter one by one up to required rows (layers) height.

*Automatic palletizer

When products form into a unit (layer) based on certain order, lifter will carry the unit (layer) up and move it forward to the palletizing station, and then place it on the empty pallet or the previous layer smoothly and steadily to form automatic palletizing. Palletizer relies on inverter motor and chain to complete its rise, fall, forward or reverse.

3. Automatic pallet dispenser

Pallet storage numbers: 8-12pcs

Physical parameter:

Conveying speed: 0-10m/min (Adjustable by inverters)

Empty pallet dimension: L1200mm×W1000mm×H150mm

Lift platform: Load weight: 1000kg

Surface treatment: Painted, blackened or zinced transmission parts, etc.

Electrical configuration:

Power Voltage: AC380V, 3Phase, 50HZ

Power output: app. 5.0kw

Basic features:

Pallet storage station: This station can be processed into a fixed size pallet storage position or more than one kind of pallet specification.

*Pallet dispenser

The pallet storage station can store 12 void plastic pallets. And it can regularly dispense a void pallet for the automatic palletizer, which is controlled by a separate motor.

*Pallet outputting device

After palletizing layers, the palletized cases will be automatically conveyed out of the palletizing station after receiving the signal to the next procedure.


Crane puts a pile of plastic pallets into their storage station, and then Crane retracts when the pallets are supporting by supportive system. Lifter raises to the highest position and jack-ups this pile of plastic pallets. Supportive system opens. Platform drops to a certain position and supportive system clamps tightly. And then the platform falls to the lowest position. And in the mean time, the supportive station will support a second pallet. The pallet is placed onto the conveyor system for palletizing. In addition, the palletizing station shall set locating system to ensure the pallet can precise localization.

4. Automatic pallet strapping machine 

Application: Pallet

Strapping efficiency: >20 pallets/hour

Strapping mode: 2strapping/pallet

Physical parameter:

Height to be strapped: 550-1500mm

Sealing method: Heating, side strapping

Tensioning force: Adjustable, max 800N

Strap Width: Polypropylene or Polyester 13.5, 15, 19 to be specified

Strapping efficiency: 99%

Surface treatment: Painted, blackened or zinced transmission parts.

Electrical configuration:

Power Voltage: AC380V, 3Phase, 50HZ

Power output: app.1.5kw

Basic features:

This equipment is used for strapping full pallet automatically. It has a good quality and tensioning force is adjustable up to 80kg. The joint of the strap is regular, tight welding, and fracture strength reaches more than 85% of the original strapping.

Heavy-duty steel structure.

PLC control system.

The speed is adjustable by inverter.

Pallet moves forward and strapping machine stays for strapping when one strapping is finished.

Two working modes for choosing freely, auto and manual.

Operation is easy and simple.

5. Automatic rotary arm pallet wrapper


Working mode: Auto

Loads per hour: Up to 40

Maximum load size: L1200mm x W1000 mm x H1600 mm

Maximum load weight: 2000kg

Wrapping method: Bottom, middle and top wrapping layer can be set from 0-99 winds

Construction: Heavy duty, welded


Controller: PLC system

Tension control: Pre-stretch controller

Operator interface: Separate buttons and HMI interface

Wrap settings: Re-wrap function, overwrap and overlap adjustment

Wrap counters: Independent top and bottom

Cycle counters: Total cycle counter and resettable Counter

Emergency stop: Red mushroom head

Electrical disconnect: Lockable

Electrical enclosure: European approved

Film Delivery System:

Film (LLDPE): Thickness 0.025mm, weight: 15kg/Roll

Film capacity: 500mm width x 76mm dia.

Film delivery type: Rotary arm

Arm rotation speed: 0-13rpm

Film delivery type: Pre-stretch

Pre-stretch level: 250% (optional 100% to 300%)

Load height sensor: Photocell sensor

Tension control: Variable by inverter

Film carriage system up and down: Adjustable by inverter

Film threading: Jinglin design, W film threading pattern

Film carriage speed: 0-3m/min

Multiple protection device: Ensure the operator safety.

(Such as the white loop in the picture is anti-collision protective device.)

Automatic mechanical hand :

Pneumatic film cutting & wiping system

Film clamper mode: scissors like gripper bars

Automatic material clamping is ready for next wrapping.

Cutting method: instant heating wire

Sensor and PLC program control.

This device makes machine automatically and unmanned operation.

Wiping system: soft brush to stick the film perfectly onto the pallets


Drive mode: Motorized

Bearing type: Ring gear

Start & stop mode: Soft start & stop

Maximum load weight: 2000kg

Conveying speed: Adjustable by inverter

Sensor detecting the pallet for operation action

Power Requirements:

Voltage: AC380 V, 3Phase, 50 Hz

Up-down motor power: 0.37kw

Pre-stretch motor power: 0.37kw

Air supply: 6-8kgf/cm2

5. Outfeed conveyor

Crane will move away the wrapped pallet out of the conveyor.

Basic features:

Standard conveyor: L1500×W1400×H550mm

Protective device: To protect the Crane

Anti-collision security support: To prevent the conveyor from being damaged.

6. Top sheet dispenser 

Film Size: L1600mm * W1600mm

Film roll ID: 76mm

Max film roll OD: 400mm

Film thickness: 0.2-0.3mm

Max film roll weight: 60kg

Power output of film roll lifting motor: 0.75kw

The lifting speed of film roll: 5.7m/min

Power output of film roll dispenser motor: 0.4kw

The stretching speed of film roll: 9.5m/min

The max stretching length of film roll: 1600mm

Adopt multiple safety protection

The control is combined with automatic turntable pallet wrapping machine.

 Basic feature:

 Top sheet dispenser is composed of film release mechanism, film lead mechanism, film cutting mechanism, film stretch mechanism, lifting mechanism, etc, which can dispense a sheet of film on the top of the pallet before wrapping to stabilize the pallet and protect the top of the pallet.

7. Automatic control system

Adopt one separate control box for the whole auto line

The control box is manufacturered according to IEC204 standard

PLC control system

Basic features:

 It is production appearance, reasonable layout and easy to use. Control operation paltform, and design and type selection of industrial control computer, instrument, air switch, circuit breaker, contactor, intermediate relay and thermal relay, etc are by us.

8. Security fencing

Basic features:

Height of fence: 1800mm

Electrical inter lock brand: Frotress (optiona)

The whole operational area will be protected by security fencing according to design.

Security fencing in the whole of machinery.

Bases in pillars for anchorage of the same safety fencing.

Electric interLock will make it safer.

Conform to CE & ISO guidelines with the latest technology and design criteria for industry use.

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