Automatic orbital stretch wrapper GG1000

 Automatic orbital stretch wrapper GG1000

Orbital stretch wrapping machine GG1000 is an automatic horizontal stretch wrapping machine. This machine is mainly for packing large products, such as sheets, sheds, panels, boards, etc. The machine can work with a sealing machine to make the product sealed fully. With the full package, the product will be stored in a good condition, which is able to protect the product from dust, water, rust, etc.


Machine features of GG1000:

Wrapping station:

Wide range of applicability

Heavy-duty steel structure

Laser cutting and rigid board

Reinforce aluminum cast-solid ring

Ring thickness 60mm for long time service

Ring rotating speed up to 60rpm

High efficiency

No risk of product damage

Friction between wheels and ring is adjustable by tension belt

Polyurethane rubber driven wheels

Packing material can be chosen as per needs, LLDPE stretch film, VCI stretch film, crepe paper tape, knit belt, etc.

Packing material tension can be adjusted by material release device

The overlap of packing material is adjustable, 10%-90%

Nice and firm package can be guaranteed

Constant material releasing and packing tension

Guardrails for safety operation

Quick-change unit for wrapping material rolls


Structure: protect the surface of product

Driven mode: Motor with gear box

Variable conveying speed, 1-9m/min

Photoelectric sensor locates the product accurately

Conveyor length depends on product length and your needs

PLC and HMI control:

Automatic operation

Auto/ manual operation can be chosen

Separate electrical cabinet for safety operation and easy maintenance

Indicator alarms and shows the occurrence of fault automatically

All parameters can be set properly, ring speed, positioning product, head and end delay, reinforce packing parts, wrapping cycles, cutting packing tape time, etc.

Automatic mechanical hand:

Automatically feeding and cutting the packing material

This mechanical hand is controlled by photoeye sensor and PLC program

Automatically clamp the material for next usage

Structure of the auto hand is designed on the basis of packing material

 Protective device:

Side protective rollers of in and out feed conveyor for fixing different range of product width

Top pressing rollers on in and out feed conveyors are driven by air cylinder

Side protective rollers is adjusted by handle winder

Technical data of GG1000:

Object Length: ≥1000mm

Max. packing diagonal: 1000mm

Weight: 20-100kg

Infeed conveyor length: 2000mm powered

Outfeed conveyor length: 2000mm powered

Ring speed: 10-60rpm

Packing speed: 10-30s/package

Power output: approx. 2.5kw

Air supply: 6-8Mpa

Power voltage: 220V/380V, 1/3phase, 50/60HZ

Packing material: LLDPE stretch film

ID(Core diameter): 50mm, Width: 100-300mm, OD: 100-250mm


Can be integrated with a sealing machine

Up-down board for different product sizes

Length of infeed and outfeed conveyor

The structure of conveyor, galvanized roller, rubber coating roller, belt, chain plate

The shape of conveyor, “V” shaped for conveying rolls

Heavy load conveying

Fast conveying speed

Synchronous wrapping-second packing material roll holding fixture (film carriage)

Automatic side-protective rollers driven by air cylinder


Conform to CE & ISO guidelines with the latest technology and design criteria for industry use.


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