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wire coil packing line

how to pack the wire

coil packing machine and packing process.



a Complete wire coil wrapping machine Line for wire coils where we need to integrate an Automatic Wrapping Machine which must wrap the wire coils through their inner diameter with stretch film (only this material). The wire coils are displaced to the wrapping station in horizontal position and with the eye in perpendicular position to the transport direction. NOTE:The position of the eye of the coil is in horizontal and not vertical.




Following are the conference  focus on:

  • Wire Market Opportunities & Challenges in steel indusstry: 5 Years Down The Line
  • Innovation and New Technologies for wire production
  • Pre-engineering and projects Buildings Market
  • Architect’s Point of View for the wire and steel industry
  • Automation of the Packaging & Logistics Solutions
  • Fabrications and Assembling for the machine and line


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