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Pallet wrapping machine and stretch wrapper

pallet wrapping machine and stretch wrapper.
  Pallet wrapping machine and stretch wrapper in good performance with long life service. The Pre-stretch device for 300% film stretching Automatic high level detecting automatic wrapping per program setting. Heavy designing and durable quality. www.shjlpack.com
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Coil packing machine designing drawing

Coil packing machine drawing
    Sure, we will providing drawing after designing finished.   Normally it takes 10-15days after receiving the down payment.   If you need it now, we will provide a roughly one. I am responsible for installation the Wire Coil Wrapping Machine in Bekaert Hlohovec property and I...
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Turn table stretch wrapping machine

Automatic turn table stretch wrapping machine for pallet wrapping. It is conveyor+wrapper for automatic pallet packaging. Optional part is available for different packaging goal. For more information: info@shjlpack.com    
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Rotary Arm Stretch Wrapper + top sheet

This is rotary arm stretch wrapping machine with top sheet dispensing function which is for full sealed package. High speed, strong wrapping. The solution can be made according different layout and packing requirement. For more information:  info@shjlpack.com    
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Brotary auto cushion meals packaging stretch wrapping machine

auto cushion food packaging and stretch wrapping machine extent of Software Suitable forrice and biscuits, snowfall food, chocolate, pie and bread quick noodles, mooncake and medicines, daily essentials, business parts, document bins or trays, and other typical things packaging Functions: 1. Double inverter control, bag duration can be...
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}/seal stretch wrapper machine

A vertical type/load/seal machine is a major obtain which takes months to accurately quote, deliver, build and specify. Improving interaction involving the vendors and customer at the beginning of the design stages will make that process a significantly smoother and quicker practical experience for everybody deliver and involved...
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Servo engine Horizonta wrapping packing machine

1.Automatic Sleeve Type Getting smaller Wrapper 2.With CE Certificate 3.Multi-structure function is accessible upon request Sleeve stretch Wrapper Application: Automatic itemscounting and feeding, planning fomat, closing and getting smaller. Sleeve Wrapper Functions: 1. Air conditioning drive motor with consistency inverter for stepless velocity control. 2. PID automated counting...
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Sretch wrapper and price

如果你们有特殊要求,请提出,我们会配合。这个机器有两条6m的输送线,输送线总长12m,承重2t,如果缩短输送线的长度,价格就可以便宜很多。 无动力线 动力线 自动包装机 动力线 无动力线2m 2m 我们机器的优势如下:1. 独特的张力调节机构:我们有一整套的张力调节系统,而不是单个的张力调节轴,相对于其他的包装机器,我们的机器包装张力均匀,更美观。特别对于使用纸作为包材,更需要很强的包装张力,否则包装好的产品在运输中会出现重叠部分移位,破口等影响防护效果。(同时我们建议在纸外面再加一层缠绕膜,这样包装效果会更好。 2. 大板(机架主体):精细的大板加工工艺,使机器在高速运转状态下依然保持稳定,长期运作不变形。具体加工工艺:通过精加工,激光切割,去应力,淬火,在背部加加强筋等。3. 转环:双环轨道,使机器运转更加稳定。4. 机器转速快:可达到60-70r/min.5. 机器的配置采用国际知名品牌(如下供参考)NO. DESCRIPTION BRAND for orbital stretch wrapper1 PLC Siemens2 Touch screen Siemens2 Frequency converters Siemens2 Motor Dongli/Jiemai3 Sensor Autonics4 Switch Schneider5 Contactor Schneider
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Applicable to the wrap packaging

Applicable towards the packaging of cakes, candy and bread snack food items and a number of other necessary products packaging folding and cutting. Packaging for your lover-luxury, beautiful and shape. The ZK-200 Lover-form pc cutting machine is magnificently created, which has a small location, very easy to move,...
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