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Pallet inverter manufacturer

As a professional pallet inverter manufacturer, we are providing pallet handling solution.


1/ Do you have dealers in CIS? Can you work with Belarus directly?——Sorry, we don’t have the dealers in Belarus. We can provide the machine directly.

2/Who will do the maintenance and warranty service?—–Our team will providing the service in installation, commissioning and technical assistant. This is an

3/ min zone for work of pallet transfer (square meters)—–L2.5m x W3m

4/we need the following characteristics: pallets up to 1500 kg and the height is up to 215 сm—Ok

5/ price and terms of delivery—-Please check the quotation

6/ when can you deliver?—–45days

7/the type of work: electric motor, pneumatic or hydraulics—- We have all three types machine per different requirement. The machine offered is motor + gear box drive

How are you? I’m here Presela  in
Malaysia could like to ask regarding your product which is Material
handling inverters rotate loads through 180 degrees. Did your company
have that item which is:
i. Load: 2000kgs
ii. Pallet size: Length – 112cm
                      Width  – 165cm
iii. hydraulic/ electric (as long as can be use)
If this item is available, I’m glad that you can reply my mail as soon
as possible. Your times to reply my mail is very appreciate.

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