Automatic steel coil packing line manufacturer

Most of problems, we had with Eye-to-Sky packing divided for each dimensions and that’s why we are interested in Your equipment. For example, from 1 mother coil, we cut 3x45mm and 4×200 mm. Customer requirements is to pack 6x45mm on one pallet and 2x200mm on another pallets. In...
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Please provide the total time [seconds] to complete its cycle, for max coil size, for each of the following: 请提供最大卷在以下工位头到尾完成动作所需的时间。 ID Stretch Wrapper WITH OD Edge Protective Cardboard application 从产品放到工位后,自动护角+自动缠绕 ID Bander, time to apply FIRST band, then added time to rotate and apply each additional band, then...
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                                            联系: QQ: 274678544     手机: 15021705930   以下为客户拜访信息: 6 x Lm 用客户自己的小车。  捆扎机用我们的 2018-12-19     Visiting Saddle 车间宽度:8m 单卷 单臂需要5分钟清空。...
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