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panel and board Wrapping & Strapping machine

horizontal orbital stretch wrapper
This is a Panel, baord horizontal orbital stretch wrapping machine which gives an automatic film covering and wrapping method for wooden,boards, panel. It helps our customers reduce labor charges and increasing the packing speed. It also helps to decreasy the product packaging materials expenses. The size of the...
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The tools used in the speed cutting

HG1-semi-finish/finish/rough system Up to 1,600 SDFM speed capability The tools used in the speed range of the whisker ceramics are longer Better wear resistance and wear resistance than ceramic Surface finish and whisker ceramics HG2 complete 10-15 times speed and carbide Better wear resistance and resistance than CDBNs...
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steel tube bundling solutions

steel tube bundle packing line
As you know there are mechanical and Magnet bundling solution for steel tube. For round tube, base on our experience, when the steel tube OD>40mm, the mechanical bundling machine capable well bundling the tube. If OD<40mm, it is not easy to bundle making layer by layer per mechnical...
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pipe bundling machine and pipe bundle packing

www.shjlpack for pipe packing solution
www.shjlpack.com           info@shjlpack.com   The machines all conform to CE guidelines and have been designed using the latest technology and design criteria for industrial use. The JLPACK provides packaging solutions for the plastic & metallurgical industry. Our commitment to the industry has resulted in the...
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Steel metal machinery

372 Sheet Metal Bender Floor Mounted ( MEDIUM SIZ) pcs 1 373 Sheet Metal Roller Floor mounted, pcs 1 374 Tube Bender (metric type) Floor Mounted pcs 1 375 Portable Hand Drilling Machine 220 V, Bosch pcs 2 376 Portable Grinding Machine 220/380v,  standard, made in germany pcs...
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aluminum profile shrinking packing machine

aluminum profile shrinking  packing machine Automatic bagging and shrinking machinery both work for online and off line handling. info@shjlpack.com   More aluminum packing solutions: http://www.shjlpack.com/automatic-aluminum-packaging-solution/ Our company supplies thousands of automatic carton sealing devices around the world. From sm-11, with adhesive tape to sell the best-selling product model, hm-11...
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