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bagging machine for tube and profile

  Automatic bagging machine for steel tube, aluminum profile, bar, wooden timber…   It is a bagging solution able to covering all your products in bag.   We do special solution per your need.   www.shjlpack.com    
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foundation of the tilter

foundation of the tilter and upender   tilter and upender foundation from shjlpack shows the requirement of the customer. We can do the project according your handling goal and layout of the facility.        
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Insation for coil tilter and upender

File for Coil tilter and upender installation   In order to prevent reduction box from oil leaking, we add a flange between motor and reduction box this time. So this new motor is about 105.5mm longer than 1.5KW motor in your site in total.   As distance A is...
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Automatic steel coil strapping machine

  http://www.shjlpack.com/products-and-production/automatic-strapping-machine/automatic-steel-strapping-machine/ Automatic steel coil strapping machine   It is a automatic strapping solution for copper coil, stainless steel coil, aluminum coil. The conveyor roller covered with PU for protecting the surface of the coil which makes automatic coil strapping machine for expensive material packing and protection.  
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steel coil packing line video

coil downender
http://www.shjlpack.com/automatic-steel-coil-packing-line%EF%BC%88horizontal%EF%BC%89/ Automatic online handling and packaging system from shjlpack for steel industry. 1. Automatic coil tilter 2. turnstile 3. downender 4. strapping machine 5. wrapping machine/packing mcahine 6. stacking machine    
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PC strand wire coil packing mchine

                                Automatic wire coil packaging machine for PC strand wire coil stretch film inside layer packing and outside layer paper. It protecting the surface of your wire coil from dust, scratching. There are...
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