Brief Introduction of Stretch Film Wrapping Machine.

Complete packing line, various package categories and reasonable classification are the outstanding features of Shanghai Jinglin Packaging machinery Co.,Ltd. Its stretch film wrapping machine includes: vertical coil wrapping machine, pallet wrapping machine and shrinking machine.

In traditional sense, vertical coil wrapping machine, pit type wrapping machine, horizontal wrapping machine, to & fro wrapping machine are belong to stretch film wrapping machine. Such as steel coil wrapping machine, hose coil wrapping machine, tyre wrapping machine, steel coil packing machine, bearing packing line, pipes packaging machinery, board’s packer and etc. This machine can be used to conduct relatively closed packaging for different dimensions of coiled unpackaged objects, so as to play a role of waterproof, dustproof, anti-damage, anti-rust and anti-aging etc.

The machine is non-standard, it design and manufacture according to different customers’ need, and to meet their goals. It is safe, durable, simple operation and easy maintenance. Widely used in metallurgical, rubber & plastic industry and so on.

Pallet wrapping machine is also known as pallet packer, stretch wrapper, pallet packing machine, pallet package machine, stretch film packing machine. It can wrap single object or some objects together, convenient for protecting, storage and transportation. Shanghai Jinglin Packaging machinery Co.,Ltd. Could offer professional technological guidance and give a suitable machine for different customers. The machine can be applied to chemical industry, electronic industry, hardware, physical distribution industry, storage industry and etc.

Shrinking machine also called heat shrinking machine, can be associated with sealing machine to conduct relatively closed or semi-closed package. Through automatic bagging, sealing and heat shrinking process, making shrank object anti-dust, waterproof, moisture proof and anti-damage. It widely accepted by many modern industries.

Main Products
    1. steel coil wrapping machine
    2. Coil Wrapping Machine The coil wrapper adopted knit belt and paper for surface wrapping packing.
      It is an economic coil wrapper for wire coil.
    1. pipe wrapping machine
    2. Stretch Wrapping Machine This pipe wrapping machine is a part of pipe packing line. It can be connects to strapping system for bundling and wrapping.
    1. pallet wrapping machine
    2. Pallet Wrapping Machine Our pallet wrapping machine is pre-stretch wrapping equipment with film, It is efficiency packing equipment for pallet packing.
    1. Automataic pallet wrapping machine
    2. Automatic Pallet Wrapping MachineThis automatic pallet wrapping machine with on line operation. The conveyor for loading and unloading from production to warehose.
    1. tilter
    2. 180° Tilter
    3. The tilter for changing the product position with 180 degree. it  adopts special double chain drive, oblique gear and worm speed reducer.