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another power source attached to the transferring rod in a horizontal placement to ensure that an productivity rod thereof is displaceable in a horizontal direction;

two linear side rails attached about the transferring rod;

a promoting chair; the assisting chair being became a member of towards the production shaft of your secondly source of energy; the supporting chair becoming supported on, and displaceable over the linear side rails; and

an adhesive adhesive tape making use of mechanism supported over a budget part of the assisting seating; the adhesive tape making use of system simply being planning to utilize an adhesive adhesive tape by using an subject when it is pressed towards and displaced in accordance with the item;

the adhesive tape using machine getting located close to a horizontal stretch wrapper such that following the horizontal stretch wrapper wind a plastic-type film around an object, an sticky tape is going to be caught around the thing and a tail end portion of the plastic film to correct the tail stop area of the plastic-type film constantly in place through the adhesive tape applying machine; the adhesive adhesive tape making use of process becoming gonna smooth a tail finish section of a plastic film when using an adhesive adhesive tape on the tail conclusion area of the plastic film.