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[0014] An additional aspect of the provide stretch wrapping machine is to provide a approach to packaging something with wrapping material comprising placing a major end in the wrapping material within a You-designed vehicle, shifting the U-formed car to clamp the best end of the wrapping material, and turning a source of the wrapping material in accordance with. the item to wrap the item.

[0015] An additional aspect of the provide stretch wrapping machine is to provide a wrapping machine comprising basics, a operated rotatable turntable on the foundation for spinning a product, a typically up-right line adjacent the turntable, a supply of wrapping material such as a carriage operably coupled to the column for usually top to bottom motion down the column, and a minimum of one track nearby the turntable, with the monitor using a usually vertical section along with a usually horizontal section increasing on top of the turntable. The machine also includes one or more operated travel assemblage. The machine additional includes a minimum of one motor vehicle operably attached to the operated generate assembly, and movably fitted for the a minumum of one monitor for motion over the horizontal and vertical servings of the monitor with actuation from the driven travel set up, using the a minumum of one motor vehicle together with a owner set up to maintain a stop percentage of wrapping material over an item in the turntable as soon as the one or more car is around the horizontal portion of the path.