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The Wrapping machine-Sequence

system stretch wrapper versions are available in the Cover-N-Consider configuration. By integrating a precision scale and digital controls with either high or low profile turntables, this alternative feature combines weighing and wrapping into one operation. Mixing both features into one particular delivers higher economy and efficiency for any wrapping procedure demanding analyzing. All low user profile models are made to be filled utilizing a pallet pickup truck. Contact your distributor for more details around the Cover-N-Consider that’s right for you.

Energy-Collection is part of the powerful type of stretch wrapping equipment made to take full advantage of stretch film use whilst making sure the top load unitization. All ARPAC STRETCH tools are made with weighty-obligation bolstered architectural metallic and completed low-corrosive Metal-It color, to guarantee many years of reliable wrapping. The POWER-Collection is manufactured in the united states and sold via our countrywide supplier system.

The Ability-Range will be the efficient stretch wrapping for many material handling environments. This automated basic level turntable stretch wrapper is entirely accessible to forklift operators without obtaining off of the vehicle.

The forklift user sets the pallet to the platform and triggers the wrapping cycle, the system immediately clamps, reductions and baby wipes the film for the pallet.

The Energy-Range might be obtained with the Cover-N-Consider attribute that mixes weighing and wrapping into one particular operation, by adding regulates into the turntable bottom.