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Please check the design drawing attached.
According your requirement, the machine offered is a automatic wrapping station GW900.
Conveyor on drawing is option part for reference.


The machine is able meet your goal for all thing discussed in Whatapp such as coil specification, function and speed.
May be my following words take a superfluous action, i’d like check with you.
If you feeding coil by manually to wrapping station, it will be ok.
If you ask for unmaned online operation, it needs a special feeding system but conveyor.
There is gap area which hose coil can not well move by roller conveyor since it is too light
The sucessful case is for small wire coil with weight >3Kg, which have enough driving by conveyor
Wire coil packaging line

Wire coil packaging line


So if you are looking for online packaging, it is better change the conveyor system as above video.
If not, i prefer you choose economice solution– GW200 with automatic material cutting&feeding than higher price machine GW900.