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The problem of the one machine for all

I holp following information is able help you  better understanding the coil wrapping.
Please check the “Eccentricity”
If yo are looking for one machine for all size, the machine have to designed per Max.ID:150mm    Max.width;250mm.
#1. Ring size have to OD:800mm
#2. Film size have to width<50mm.
tube wrapping machine
 A= C = safety space for ring+film get throught without damage the coil=Min.20mm  (it is better >30mm)
B=ring thickness+film roll width+installation space
So the film width allow is 50mm normally.
So if one machine for all, there will be two problems:
1. For big coil wrapping speed is slowly, and packing material is more. Because the film width is 50mm only.
2. For small coil, the wrapping is not good caused by “Eccentricity “