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design orbital stretch wrapper inspection in factory for coil master

Inspection Trip Report访问检验报告Subject: Pre-acceptance inspection in Shanghai Jing Lin 主题:上海景林预验收Place: Shanghai Jing Lin地点:上海景林Time & Date: July 16th, 2014 时间:2014.7.16Pre-acceptance inspection details in Shanghai Jing Lin as shown following:在上海景林预验收详情如下所示:l Quality check items:l 快速检查项目1. Check the quality system ISO9001检验ISO9001质量体系Status: OK状态:合格2. Check the measuring tools calibration record检验测量工具校准记录Status: Jin Lin will provide...
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Six Concerns And Replies To horizontal stretch wrapper

To get the foregoing things and in line with the purpose of horizontal wrapping machine, as embodied and largely explained herein, horizontal wrapping machine consists of dispensing a web-based from your internet dispenser, stretching out the web across the dispensing course, and wrapping the net across the sides...
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