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Throughout the winding of the wire the cable movements in language translation along with the coil-holder construction in rotation, which gives even winding in cable wire wrapping.

The rotation of pulley 8, in synchronism with all the coil-holder, makes certain the movement in the wire via friction, in a way that the tension in the cable is acceptable with it. This cable pressure is analyzed by means of a indicator 25. The speed varying means 20 is activated in order to increase the angular speed of the drum and therefore that of pulley of the wire wrapping machine if the tension of the wire is noticed to be too great.

If, alternatively, the cable is insufficiently taut, the drum rate is reduced.

A presser roller 26 retains cable 6 within the groove of pulley or coil wrapper; this groove, that features a triangular information, provides a rubbing and, consequently, a pretty much powerful push from the wire based on whether or not it should go faster or slower in terms of the right velocity. There is for that reason “self-change”.

The coil packing machine is fixed with as much cogged ring 23, perspective equipment 24 and motor-driven pulley of coil wrapping machine assemblies since there are coils 4. If possible just one push chain 22 is used, as it is displayed in FIG. 2 which is a part end look at a machine with sixteen coil-owners.