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To facilitate draining from the bag in the stretcher people 9, they might be retracted to some degree to unwind the stretch from the bag because it is everted. The comfort from the stretch cuts down on the pressure needed to strip the bag in the people 9.

It’s considered the load 7 might be compressed throughout the wrapping operation above referred to, as by compression from the load with the bag bottom (which becomes the top wrapper around the load). Many of the helpful within the situation of loads that have entrapped air, like a load of stacked multiwall bags, to be able to squeeze the air.

Now mentioning to FIG STRETCH WRAPPING MACHINES. 7-13, apparatus of the invention is proven essentially to comprise means indicated generally at 21 for stretching the bag 1 open, such as the four aforesaid stretcher people 9, and elevator means indicated generally at 23 for effecting the relative movement from the stretching means 21 and also the load to create the outdoors from the bottom 11 from the extended-open bag into engagement using the load after which everting the bag within the load, with associated diminishing from the bag around the load. More particularly, stated apparatus comprises a curler conveyor 25 which palletized loads 3 might be folded in one finish 25a making up the doorway finish from the conveyor to some wrapping station S for that stretch-palletizing operation after which folded from station S towards the exit finish 25b from the conveyor.

In the wrapping stations, at one for reds from the curler conveyor, is really a framework or tower 27 which the elevator means 23 is up and down movable by way of a comparatively lengthy hydraulic cylinder 29. The elevator means comprises a primary carriage 31 getting paint rollers 33 (see FIG STRETCH WRAPPING MACHINE. 7) engageable having a vertical track 35 constituted with a vertical plate along the side of the tower toward the conveyor, and two back or outboard paint rollers 37 (see FIG STRETCH WRAPPING MACHINE. 7) engageable having a vertical guide bar 39 around the tower. The primary carriage 31 is cantilevered flat forward in the tower within the conveyor 25, and it is movable by way of cylinder 29 downwardly toward the conveyor in the elevated retracted position that is proven in FIG STRETCH WRAPPING MACHINES. 8 and 9 and look out onto retracted position.