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An auxiliary carriage 41 is movable out and in (i.e., toward and from the tower 27) around the primary carriage 31 from the elevator. The primary carriage has a set of vertical side plates each designated 43, a bottom plate 45 along with a front plate 47. The auxiliary carriage 41 comprises a set of side plates each designated 49 and every getting helpful information bar 51 slidable on laterally projecting portions 45a (see FIG STRETCH WRAPPING MACHINES. 10 and 11) from the primary carriage bottom plate 45, position irons 53 being provided around the outdoors from the primary carriage side plates 43 to carry lower the guide bars. Two tubular guide rods each designated 55 extend with the side plates 49 from the auxiliary carriage, being fixed during these plates projecting laterally outwardly therefore. The guide rods 55 have finish plates 57 in their outer finishes.

The auxiliary carriage 41 (composed of the plates 49, guide bars 51, guide rods 55 and plates 57) is movable out and in around the primary carriage (through the sliding from the bars 51 within the tracks provided because of this through the laterally projecting portions 45a from the primary carriage bottom plate 45 and also the position irons 53) using a hydraulic cylinder 59 installed on the primary carriage front plate 47 getting its piston fishing rod 61 linked to a middle plate 63 from the auxiliary carriage, this plate 63 being slidable inside a slot 65 within the primary carriage bottom plate 45.

The auxiliary carriage 41 carries a set of slide people each designated 67 at opposite sides thereof mounted for sliding movement toward and from each other laterally regarding the primary and auxiliary carriages 31 and 41 (longitudinally regarding conveyor 25) around the guide rods 55. Each slide member 67 comprises a frame getting helpful information member 69 within the particular auxiliary carriage plate 49 along with a guide member 71 spread outwardly from member 69 around the outdoors of plate 49 and within the particular auxiliary carriage finish plate 57, the mentioned guide people 69 and 71 getting holes finding the guide rods 55 having a sliding fit to ensure that the people 67 might be modified out and in in accordance with the auxiliary carriage 41. This out and in adjustment from the slide people 67 is effected by way of a spinal manipulation screw 73 journalled within the auxiliary carriage finish plates 57 as well as in the middle plate 63, getting oppositely threaded portions 73a and 73b threaded in nuts 75a and 75b around the two slide people 67 having a crank 77 for turning the screw one way or another to maneuver the 35mm slides in symphony out and in toward and from each other.

Each slide member 67 carries a set of carriages or heads 79 movable diagonally inwardly and outwardly in front and rear finish from the slide, the stretcher people 9 stretching up and down downwardly from all of these heads. The arrangement is really the heads and stretcher people 9 may occupy positions in the corners of the rectangle, often a square as highlighted in FIG STRETCH WRAPPING MACHINE. 1. Each member 67 includes a front track 81a stretching forward and tilted 45° laterally outwardly regarding the member 67, along with a rear track 81b stretching rearward as well as tilted 45° laterally outwardly regarding the member 67. Each one of the heads 79 has paint rollers 82 mounting it in the particular track for movement outwardly from an inner retracted position to maneuver the stretcher people 9 diagonally (radially) outwardly for stretching a bag 1 put on people 9. Each mind 79 is moved out and in using a hydraulic cylinder 83 around the particular member 67.

Each stretcher member 9 is constituted with a bar stretching up and down downwardly in the particular mind 79 with provision for modifying the bar out and in in accordance with the mind with an modifying screw 85 mounted as indicated at 87 underneath the mind, stretching longitudinally from the mind as well as in threaded engagement having a nut 89 around the bar at its upper finish. The screw includes a hand wheel 91 at its outer finish for turning it. Each bar 9 is of position shape in mix section and tapered from the upper to the lower finish. The bars 9 are arranged as seems in FIG STRETCH WRAPPING MACHINE. 1 using their flanges 93 in four planes developing the 4 sides of the rectangle along with the junctures from the flanges (i.e., the corners from the bars) toward the outdoors and developing the corners from the rectangle. Stretching between your lower finishes of every set of bars 9 (there being, essentially, four pairs of bars) is really a telescoping guide means 95 constituted with a telescoping curler.