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DOUGH SHEETER is designed to provide a substitute for the timeless automatic dough sheeter without having to complete towards the complicated automation products of automated machines.

This makes the operator’s task a lot more practical when setting the thickness of the pastry without having to use the previous manage ¨C now totally removed ¨C and and never have to plan your personal computer.

Operations could be speeded and facilitated up within a basic approach making use of the joystick which is innovative and precise.

This dough sheeter machine can do the perfect job which is between the manual dough sheeter and the automatic dough sheeter. The effictive and high speed with easy cleaning to save your labor cost.

Simpleness is obviously the robust point of this machine for individuals who want to be in move with all the occasions without having revolutionizing their doing work techniques.

Reliability and strength remain the complete prerogatives with this as well as in all Fhopepack machines.

1. Control handle/Joystick: whenever you shift the joystick off to the right and kept the conveyor buckle moves respectively to the correct/left: once you transfer the joystick forwards or backwards, the cylinders rise/down correspondingly

2. Emergency switch

3. Actual dough sheet making measurement sign

4. Dough sheet fullness setting indication

5. Knobs: it is possible to change the preferred fullness by unscrewing and shifting the knobs

6. Sign from the highest cylinder starting environment

7. Reset switch for go back to the primary placement

8. Speed adjustable

9. Stainless steel structure, easy cleaning.