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The only motor unit generate system as set forth in Declare 3, wherein:

said plurality of detent recesses and explained plurality of detent pins makes up eight detent recesses and 8-10 detent pins equiangularly spaced from the other person in an annular variety using an angular room of 40-several qualifications

The only motor travel system as established in at least one of your preceding statements, where explained single motor travel agreement comprises:

a motor fixedly fitted with stated fixed boom participant and achieving a rotary production shaft;

a motivated shaft fixedly hooked up with a very first stop to said rotational increase construction and operatively hooked up with a secondly conclusion to said rotary production shaft of said motor to ensure that rotation of mentioned rotary output shaft of explained electric motor brings about rotation of said rotational thrive assemblage; and

a cable tv drum construction, having a first finish of a cable television resolved thereon along with a secondly end of explained cord fixedly linked to explained stretch film roll carriage assemblage, movably installed upon stated powered shaft between a very first situation from which stated cable television drum set up is resolved after said fixed boom member in a way that, when mentioned rotational increase assembly rotates with respect to said static boom participant and mentioned cord drum set up resolved after explained static boom participant, stated cord will likely be wound upon explained cable television drum assembly in an attempt to elevate stated stretch film roll to said different top to bottom elevational ranges such that the stretch film dispensed from mentioned stretch film roll carriage assemblage will be twisted around the stress at explained various vertical elevational levels, plus a 2nd place in which said cable tv drum construction is set with explained rotational boom construction in a way that when explained rotational boom assemblage rotates round the wrapping station, stretch film dispensed from explained stretch film roll carriage assembly will likely be continually packaged across the load disposed in the wrapping station inside a reinforcing setting at a particular one of mentioned distinct elevational degrees.