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Coil wrapping machine for sale

The different coil packaging solution works for different coil packaging.



The loading and unlaoding way diference:  Vertical loading and horizontal loading.

adjunto y documentos equivalentes en su país de los que están relacionados en el numeral 13 del formato de conocimiento, según me comenta Norma los que ella maneja son el ID ( equivalente al RUT para nosotros)  e instrucciones de pago ( equivalente a certificación bancaria)

Now we developed some new automatic coiling and strapping machine.
It is for horizontal type coiler + strapping/wrapping machine.
Welcome to contact with me for fursther information.
May you please revise the Proforma Invoice, as we are only interested in the SHJL060 COIL PACKING machine
Kindly provide us again with the PI of SHJL060 and the wrapping machine.
Again sorry for the confusion.

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