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tiny coil wrapping machine

info@shjlpack.com brief and newly structure design compared with same wrapping goal, it’s the lowest price budget stretch film wrapping around the coil fully hose/tube/pipe/wire/tyre and other round items (small diameter) application
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Huge diameter coil wrapping machine

www.shjlpack.com info@shjlpack.com It is customized machine for big diameter circular items, such as PC wire coil. bearings, steel coil, copper coil. It’s nice wrapper for 2000mm OD, even if more bigger diameter items. wrapping station movable with PLC control system
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coil packing machine line with upender and stacker

coil packaging line+tapping
 This is the coil packing and wrapping machine with coil upender and coil stacker. It is the system of coil packing machine line for easy loading the unloading the coil from slitting coils to wrapping,and stacking in eye to sky. Packing material: Stretch film,LLDPE, PE, PAPER… Operation: One...
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Automatic coil packing machine

 info@shjlpack.com The automatic coil packing machine for steel coil, copper coil, hose coil which including the weighing scale, paper wrapping, and logo printing and logo applicator. It is able sharing the packing information with the ERP system and control online by system packing program.      
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panel and board Wrapping & Strapping machine

horizontal orbital stretch wrapper
This is a Panel, baord horizontal orbital stretch wrapping machine which gives an automatic film covering and wrapping method for wooden,boards, panel. It helps our customers reduce labor charges and increasing the packing speed. It also helps to decreasy the product packaging materials expenses. The size of the...
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steel tube bundling solutions

steel tube bundle packing line
As you know there are mechanical and Magnet bundling solution for steel tube. For round tube, base on our experience, when the steel tube OD>40mm, the mechanical bundling machine capable well bundling the tube. If OD<40mm, it is not easy to bundle making layer by layer per mechnical...
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