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stretch wrapping machines for sales

This is certainly Kyle from HongTai Rotomolding Co.,Ltd in China. I was mentioned that you’re involved rotational molding products and stretch wrapping machines company, so I’d want to introduce you our rotational molding solutions for you. Our advantage as under: one.We’re among the list of greatest rotomolding manufacturers in...
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Insation for coil tilter and upender

File for Coil tilter and upender installation   In order to prevent reduction box from oil leaking, we add a flange between motor and reduction box this time. So this new motor is about 105.5mm longer than 1.5KW motor in your site in total.   As distance A is...
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hose pipe wrapping machine with fabric

Special solution available for hose packing.   www.shjlpack.com The purpose of this is to add a layer of protection to the drain pipe, so it can filter the water without the problem of clogging it.   I believe the photos  and the video will help:   This is the HDPE...
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