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cable coil wrapper and packing machine

A machine for winding, using a extremely quick pitch, with a cable, at least one steel sheathing cable, comprising an initial path for translatably moving a rectilinear portion of the cable as outlined by its axis and one or more coil for syndication of stated cable arranged with a coil-holder subjected to converting about stated cable in a perpendicular plane to stated axis, with mentioned wire passing over a grooved pulley that is organized between the coil and also the cable and which has a resolved axis pertaining to the coil, recognized in that the pulley (8) is supplied having a traveling signifies in rotation with an changeable velocity.

The present invention concerns a wrapping machine for winding, by using a very quick pitch, with a strength or telecommunications cable, a plurality of armor cables.

Equipment of the kind are well consist and known fundamentally of path for translatably relocating in line with its axis a rectilinear section of the cable, and a minimum of one distribution coil for stated wire exposed to transforming around mentioned rectilinear part of the cable in the perpendicular plane to mentioned axis.