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Cable car coil packing machine incorporate two machine

Practical Parameter:

1.Machine Variety: YK-01

2.Palletizing Ability: 25cartons/min

3.Energy Usage: 5KW

4.Air Intake: 45NM3/H

5.strength/Voltage 380AC 50Hz

6.Pneumatic: 5-6kg/cm3

7.Noise ≤75db

8.Operating Action: Touch screen

9.Machine Weight: 3500kg

Machine Variables:

1)Packing Speed:8-12cartons/minutes

2)Carton Size: in accordance with the demand of consumers

3)Pallet Size: depending on the demand of consumers

4)Palletizing Way: depending on the need for clientele

5)Voltage: about 6Kw

6) Pneumatic: .6~.8Mpa

7)Power: 380V

Work characteristics.

1. PLC control, straightforward use.

2. Permit linear motion come true, streamline handle program.

3. Simple structure, reduced failing amount and practical maintenance.

4. Couple of major accessories and parts, so maintenance expenses very low.

5. Reduced energy intake, only 1/5 usage the exact same kind of mechanical. stacker crane from other company.

6. Only need some floor area, surface application rate is substantial

7. Diverse models, flexibly adapt various palletizing specifications.

8. Accommodating use approach, can most manage half a dozen production outlines. 9. Manipulator finger style\so will work safely.

10. Manipulator arm Lightsome powerful, electricity conservation and environment security.

Product Specs/Characteristics

Cable auto coil packing machine

Cable automobile coil packing machine include two machine of automobile coiling auto and machine wrapping machine. Both of these of machine will work together and speed could be synchronous.

Auto coiling machine:

The holding screen is simple to regulate the machine. The servo-program and circumrotation method make your traverse motion much more harmonious. If the machine works improper, it is going to feeling the problem, and alert the personnel. The storage method can down payment 99 different kinds of winding specification. Moreover, if you want to change the product specification which you’ve fed into the system, you just need read the material you’ve deposited, and need not adjust the machine structure.

PLC microcomputer servo program accuracy and precision bidirectional sensing cylinders are used for control. It contains meter counting gadget, materials feeding machine, line slicing device, auto moving and returning device, and materials giving machine.

Auto wrapping machine:

Higher rates of speed coil wrapping with PVC, PE film, PP woven music band, or pieces of paper. Display feel Image Procedure Terminal allows you to use. The Four hands provider, powered by DC motor: Turns the coil efficiently for wrapping. You might insight while keeping 99 varieties of coil wrapping details from the PLC storage.