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This is a Automatic wire cable winding and packing line.

Ring speed and roller speed are adjustable by converter.

13.Friction between wheel and ring is adjustable.

14.PU wheel for long life using.

15.Two different wrapping materials can be wrapped together at one time.

16.Reinforced ring and structure, firm and stable, long life work.

Reliable desinging for efficiency and nice packaging

Coil weight ≤500kg
Coil width ≤200mm
Coil OD 300-600mm
Coil ID ≥120mm
Roller speed 2-4m/min
Ring speed 30-120r/min
Suitable material stretch film, Knit tape, paper tape etc.
Material width 100-150mm
Material OD 150mm
Material ID 54mm
Power output About 2.6kw
Power voltage 380V, 3phase 5wire

The cable winding machine and cable wrapping machine is connected together.
No operator required for the whole packaging process.



Packing material and stretch film