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Automatic steel coil packing line manufacturer

Most of problems, we had with Eye-to-Sky packing divided for each dimensions and that’s why we are interested in Your equipment. For example, from 1 mother coil, we cut 3x45mm and 4×200 mm. Customer requirements is to pack 6x45mm on one pallet and 2x200mm on another pallets. In this case, we have to rotate all coils, and then make a package related to customer requirements.

coil packing

——Ok, the automatic stacking  machine with two stacking stations is able to handling the different coils on each pallets.


Regarding packing method – VCI paper, stretch and PET band but we are able to do it manually before rotating each product (on two-arm turnstile)

—–There is able provide one machine wrapping for both stretch film and VCI paper. There is able provide semiauto rotation table or automatic strapping table for PET banding

Coil Information: We are able to cut width from 30mm to 1650mm, but mostly we have problem with packing narrow coils with weight around 0.5 -1.5 tons.

——The horizontal coil packing line is better to handling the coil width 30-300mm, for the coil width>300mm, it is better handling directly by crane, otherwise the packing line price will be higher a lot.

Inner diameter – 508mm or 610 mm


Outer Diameter – depend od product (max 2 m).

——-It is better, 650-1400mm, if you need bigger one  can be 1600mm even 1800mm, the packing line price will be differently.

Of course, if your equipment will be useful for bigger coils (weight more than 5 tons) it will be better.

——-The Max.Weight is 2T, if you need more, it is ok too.

The PRICE OF THE packing line including the following function is app. $—–

Coil size:  OD:650-1400mm    ID:508/610mm    Width:30-300mm    Weight:100-2000Kg.

  1. Down ender x1
  2. Rotation table for strapping  x1
  3. Automatic wrapping machine for VCI PAPER+STRETCH FILM  x1
  4. Automatic centering device (Necessary) x1
  5. Automatic stacking  machine x1
  6. Stacking station x2

Another function is an option such as:

Weighing station,  automatic strapping machine, turnstile…

coil pick up


Information: http://www.shjlpack.com/automatic-steel-coil-packing-line%EF%BC%88horizontal%EF%BC%89/

Video: http://www.shjlpack.com/info/steel-coil-packing-line-video/

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