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Much more especially, it can be viewed that this new and increased one motor, rotary generate and displaying program, built according to the lessons and principles from the provide technology and usually pointed out through the guide persona 32, includes an individual push motor unit 42 which happens to be fixedly attached on top of the stationary increase fellow member 28 by means of methods of the right fixture or pedestal 44 which can be found in the distal stop area of the static thrive member 28 to be able to be disposed adjacent to or in the location in the rotary axis 34 about that the rotational or orbiting increase associate 30 rotates. The single generate motor 42 is provided with an productivity travel shaft 46, and also the distal or free end portion of the production push shaft 46 carries a first bevel products 48 integrally resolved thereon. An upstanding rotary powered shaft 50 has its own lower end section resolved throughout the proximal stop area of the rotational or orbiting increase fellow member 30 and thus defines the rotary axis 34 about in which the rotational or orbiting growth associate 30 rotates. Top of the stop part of the rotary driven shaft 50 includes a 2nd bevel products 52 resolved thereon, and also the second bevel products 52 is interested or enmeshed together with the first bevel products 48 resolved after the totally free stop portion of the electric motor result push shaft 46. Therefore, when travel electric motor 42 is actuated, output generate shaft 46 rotates and thus resulting in, in turn, rotation of your initially bevel 48, secondly bevel equipment 52, upstanding powered shaft 50, and rotational or orbiting growth associate 30. Rotational or orbiting increase participant 30 obviously rotates with respect to the palletized article, load and package or merchandise 12 disposed on the wrapping station 14, because the stretch film roll carriage assemblage 38 is installed after the totally or wrapping mast 36 which happens to be fixedly mounted upon the distal or free end area of the rotational or orbiting increase participant 30, the stretch film dispensed from your stretch film roll carriage construction 38 is twisted around the palletized load,product and package, or report 12 disposed in the covering station 14 in the course of rotation from the rotational or orbiting thrive participant 30. It is to be noted that in order to permit the upstanding driven shaft 50 to freely rotate within and with respect to the static boom member 28, a first upper intermediate portion of the upstanding driven shaft 50 which passes through the static boom member 28 is disposed within a suitable bearing assembly 54 which is mounted within the static boom member 28.