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wire coil packing machine

 Tipo Diámetro Alambre (mm) Rango Peso (Kg) Diámetro Interno (mm) Diámetro Externo (mm) Altura del rollo(cm) Numero de Amarres Procesos Alambre Galvanizado 1,65 – 4,19 25,50 and 100 600 800 10 – 20 3 Pesaje, Corte y empaque (Empaque la mayor parte en rollos de 25 Kg)...
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angle steel stacking and bundle packing machine

The solution in video is able help to bundle stacking and strapping the bundle automatically. info@shjlpack.com =============================================== STEEL ANGLE STACKING MACHINE. 1. Specification of the rolling mill. – Production of hot rolled rebar No.10-32 – Type: continuous rolling mill (H/V stands). – 6 stands RM 610-520/760, – 6...
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Door film Shrink wrap machine

www.shjlpack.com Door shrinking wrapping machine with the precise sealing station and shrinking tunnel temperature control. It able seal and cutting the film nice is high speed. The shrinking tunnel with circle heating system which makes the regular temperature inside of the tunnel. The shrink package is nice and...
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