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Steel metal machinery

372 Sheet Metal Bender Floor Mounted ( MEDIUM SIZ) pcs 1 373 Sheet Metal Roller Floor mounted, pcs 1 374 Tube Bender (metric type) Floor Mounted pcs 1 375 Portable Hand Drilling Machine 220 V, Bosch pcs 2 376 Portable Grinding Machine 220/380v,  standard, made in germany pcs...
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aluminum profile shrinking packing machine

aluminum profile shrinking  packing machine Automatic bagging and shrinking machinery both work for online and off line handling. info@shjlpack.com   More aluminum packing solutions: http://www.shjlpack.com/automatic-aluminum-packaging-solution/ Our company supplies thousands of automatic carton sealing devices around the world. From sm-11, with adhesive tape to sell the best-selling product model, hm-11...
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