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Aluminum packing machine with bagging solution

aluminum profile packing machine
www.shjlpack.com info@shjlpack.com This is an aluminum profile packing machine, section and tube film bagging solution. It is able bag making and covering the production with well protected package. We got different packing solution for aluminum profile, section, tube… Our team provide customize solution, let me know your need,...
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Pallet wrapping machine and stretch wrapper

pallet wrapping machine and stretch wrapper.
  Pallet wrapping machine and stretch wrapper in good performance with long life service. The Pre-stretch device for 300% film stretching Automatic high level detecting automatic wrapping per program setting. Heavy designing and durable quality. www.shjlpack.com
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Automatic Mattress packing machine

  www.shjlpack.com info@shjlpack.com We are providing automatic mattress packing machine for mattress film packing to protect it in stoking and transportation. There are stacking system available too for mattress handling.    
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Automatic packing machine for door board and panel

door packing machine, panel packing machine
board packing machine
www.shjlpack.com info@shjlpack.com This is an automatic feeding and stacking machine with shrinking solution for panel, door , board automatic counting and shrinking packaging. After shrinking, the packing can be automatic gathering and move to out feeding system. A. Automatic PLC&HMI control system b. Automatic stacking system c. automatic...
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