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Wire coil compactor and strapping machine

wire-coil-compactor and strapping machine
Wire coil compactor and strapping machine.   Let us help you  compacting the wire coil and strapping it to save the space stacking.   It is a solution for for compacting and off line handling for wire coils.   The experience team no only providing compacting machine but...
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pvc pipe coil packaging machine and stretch wrapper

hose coil packing machine
  This pipe coil packing machine, hose coil packing machine with stretch file for plastic pipe packaging. The eye through coil wrapper is able stretch the film and cover the packing material on coil service www.shjlpack.com helps your find the proper packing solution for your coil packaging goal...
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automatic reel packing machine and stretch wrapper

    Why not try to improving your packaging for reel? The automatic reel packing machine and stretch wrapper works for online paper roll, reel , cloth roll packaging requirement. There are different reel packaging solution available per your specification.   Packing material and stretch film
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stretch film strapping machine for bundle

  It is a kind of flexible strech film strapping device for wooden, pipe, profile… to help improving the manual packaging. The strapping material is stretch film, press down by rope to avoid shaking in stretch film wrapping.     stretch film strapping machine
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