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Automatic coil packaging machine and line

Automatic coil packaging machine and packaging line It is an Automatic coil packaging machine for coil feeding, coil wrapping, material cutting, coil outfeeding. It is able to do eye through wrapping for hose coil, pvc hose, garden pipe,hdpe pipe, tyre, copper strip, alloy steel…
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automatic coil stacking machine

  It is an stacking machine for coil handling which is able to lifting the coil one by one and place in on pallet. This automatic coil stacking machine is able automatic positioning for coil palletizing with or without wooden timber. It is one of important equipment in...
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Automatic steel coil downender

Special coil handling machine –automatic downender or coil taker for automatic coil taking from turnstile one by one. It is for connecting to slitting line and coil car which is able to connect production line with packaging line. Roller conveyor is for moving the coil to next packaging...
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